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Definition: KISS-CUTTING vt. A very light impression which cuts through the top sheet, but doesn’t break through the backing. Used on mac tac labels and stickers, etc. We are able to kiss-cut on sheets up to 11″x17″. Email us for a quote.


Definition: IM’PRINT vt. to mark by pressing or stamping. If you would like to have additional information added to your existing Business Cards, or Brochures, we can do it. Add Titles, e-mail Addresses, Cell Phone numbers, etc. to the back or front of your cards, and save the costs of re-printing those expensive items. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote.

Crash Imprinting

Carbon Sets, NCR Forms & More… Do you have forms that require additional information such as e-mail addresses, website addresses, etc.? Are you missing information on your expensive forms? Don’t despair . . . we can help.


Definition: DIE’CUT vt. To cut or shape with a die; shaping or cutting holes in paper, card, etc. We do Door Hangers, Mirror Hangers, Report Cover Windows. We have many stock dies available. Custom work to your specs. Email us for a quote.


Definition: SCO’RING vt. To impress or indent a mark with a rule to make folding easier. Having a problem with cracking and splitting on coated stock? We can channel-score the stock so that you get a clean, precise fold. Give us a call!


Definition: PER’FORATE vt. To pierce with holes in a row, as to facilitate tearing. We can perforate sheets up to 11″x17″. Do you need perforations that tear easily, and are laser printer compatible? This is our specialty. We can micro-perf your stock so that is stays flat and will not jam or tear in your laser printer. Give us a call for details and quote.


Definition; NUM’BERING vt. a symbol showing how many or what place in a sequence. We can number up to 10 heads (places) on your Invoices, Tickets, Gift Certificates, etc. We skip number – 2, 3, 4, 5 . We have a 10-digit numbering head for those occasional jobs that require more than 6 digits.

Skip Numbering

We have the equipment to “skip number” from skip 2 to skip 6. Fax us your request, or phone and we’ll get back to you with prices and information.

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